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The advancement of blockchain technology is undoubtedly the goal targeted by Algorand. This goal has been matched with the actions and innovations put up by Algorand and the Algorand foundation. Notably is the assigning of developer grants through the Algorand foundation for the enhancement of the Algorand ecosystem.

To date, many developer grants have been awarded to notable software developers, introducing initiatives and technology that supports without compromising the critical components of high scalability, security, fast finality, and interoperability currently available on the Algorand network.

Among these grant recipients and corresponding innovations is AIKON, one of the first recipients of the Algorand foundation grant. Consequently, AIKON’s core service, ORE ID, AIKON’s open-source developer library, ChainJS, has been launched into the Algorand network for blockchain integration.


ORE ID is a user onboarding and blockchain identity management service that guarantees users a completely seamless blockchain experience regarding the management of their accounts in a way similar to the modern web 2.0 applications.

ORE ID is built with the use of AIKON’s ChainJS. This single Javascript helper library abstracts blockchains’ interfaces, permitting developers to build their applications in an almost consensus-agnostic manner.

It uses standard OAuth flows to connect a crypto identity to typical identity providers like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. It further provides several endpoints to allow developers to trigger a web-hosted user login or transaction signing branded for their apps.

This service handles account creations, multisig accounts, signing transactions, password resets, and management of account resources — all of which are offered through a REST API and Javascript libraries, bringing its features within reach of just any developer.

For enterprises wishing to migrate their existing user base to Algorand, ORE ID API can batch process existing email addresses or other peculiar IDs to create Algorand wallets for the users.

The use of ORE ID tends to reduce overhead for companies and developers to learn new technologies on the blockchain, enhancing blockchain development in the process.

Developers and account users benefit alike with the use of ORE ID. Developers can efficiently run it on their machines due to its simple ReactJS based sample app that can be pulled down and run locally. With this approach, developers can quickly jump in into the code to get a clear understanding of what is required for the integration of the most common features of ORE ID, including accounts creation and transactions.

Using ORE ID For DApp Builders

ORE ID is available for usage on Algorand, making it possible for users to manage their accounts with ease. For developers building DApps on the blockchain, they can also incorporate ORE ID into their applications, but to do that, they will need first to register the app and logo and install the library. This could be the npm client module for Javascript apps.

Afterwards, they’ll need to specify a provider (Facebook, Google, etc.). Once a user logs into the app, the app will receive the user’s blockchain account name, and the information will be stored automatically in a local state to be restored the next time the user uses the app. The user’s basic identity info can also be retrieved by calling upon the user endpoint.

Whenever the user is required to sign a blockchain transaction, the chain name can be easily specified for the developer. However, if the user’s blockchain accounts and in which wallets they are stored are/are unknown, the discover function can be called upon to prompt the user to unlock their wallets. The public keys stored in the wallet will be automatically remembered so that the right wallets and keys will quickly be brought up next time that transaction will need to be repeated.

Meanwhile, users can view and manage their accounts on the Algorand blockchain by using the AlgoExplorer. On request, the user’s account private key can be transferred to the user’s offline wallet.

Final Words

ORE ID provides an exciting opportunity for virtually anyone to access DApps on the Algorand blockchain using one-click signup and account creation with a login flow they are already familiar with. It supports Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitch, and any other OAuth-enabled login provider.

Upon first sign in, users can get an on-chain account with their private keys encrypted with a PIN and stored such that they don’t need to remember their blockchain account or keys the next time they use the app.

ORE ID also provides a fantastic opportunity to manage users’ accounts, sign transactions, password resets, and lots more on the Algorand blockchain.

Algorand Testnet further provides users with an opportunity to test logging in and signing in using ORE ID, familiarizing users with the app, and clearing up technical problems that may arise with its use on the Mainnet.

Because of its consensus agnosticism, DApps already existing on other blockchains can be easily updated when migrated into Algorand, which can guarantee speed, security, and scalability.

The incorporation of ORE ID into Algorand is a further assertion of Algorand’s commitment to blockchain development. What do you think about ORE ID? Let me know In the comment box.

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