Sneak peek to the Bluzelle Ecosystem- Decentralized Data Storage Made Easy.

Have you ever wondered how all those large corporations, banks, schools, and financial institutions have access to all of your information and can pull it out on request? Well, I guess you already know it has something to do with what is called — Database.

What you might not know is that it cost them a lot to keep and maintain these databases in storage servers and that any slight error or issues on the servers can lead to a risk of losing all the files, documents, and information. Can you imagine how delicate that is? Something significant to the well- being of a body or organization, yet very thin and should be appropriately handled or would lead to the downfall of such body, the only thing I can equate to this is a newborn baby.

What if there is a way to ensure the information stored on these databases, somehow, we can make copies for safekeeping and do that in such a way that it doesn’t affect the integrity of the company nor lead to operational downtime? There is a way to do that, and that way is called — Bluzelle.

Bluzelle is a decentralized Data Storage Network infrastructure that allows individuals, firms, and institutions to utilize the power of the blockchain to pull up information in a decentralized database and also have the ability to secure that information using Smart Contracts.

The Hub of Databases

The singular fact that Bluzelle runs on a Delegated Proof of Stake Algorithm allows for better decentralization, being built with Cosmos and powered by Tellermint, allows Bluzelle to process a little above 10000 Transactions per Second. This is a very fantastic feat for any blockchain project. Bluzelle will be able to afford the speed of transactions for Businesses and Enterprise utilizing the Bluzelle Network. There are four significant advantages of using the Bluzelle Ecosystem, and they include:

With Bluzelle, Data Storage across blockchains and platforms will be made possible. Hence it doesn’t matter the nature of the storage platform a company operates with. Because they can build on the Bluzelle Network, it makes it possible for interoperability between ecosystems.

Having a user’s information exposed is never the goal of any company or firm. Bluzelle ensures adequate security by utilizing Validator Nodes; these Validators are voted for by token holders in a very decentralized manner, guaranteeing sufficient protection of the entire ecosystem. Hence your information is secured.

D-PoS Algorithm allows incubation of privacy on any and every set of information stored on the Bluzelle Network, hence ensuring all information is adequately preserved and only accessible to the individuals or companies that initially owns them. The benefits of having a decentralized data storage ecosystem are enormous as there is less risk of losing information, and costs are minimized.

In my next post, I will talk about several use-cases of Bluzelle Ecosystem, but until then, you can find more information about Bluzelle Network, Here

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